Before & After School Programs

While the DuFief PTA does not personally support any particular extracurricular vendors, we do support members of the school community in finding programs of interest and bringing them to DuFief ES. Interested parents have brought many wonderful extracurricular activities to our school. Please find below a tentative list of offerings for the 2017-2018 school year. Since MCPS rules allow for vendors to rent classrooms and advertise their programs independent of the PTA, we do not have a comprehensive list of every extracurricular offering that takes place in the school or its surrounding athletic fields and parks. Questions? Contact Jamie Pflasterer.

FAIRY TALE THEATRE (Grades K-3, afterschool) Karen Macgregor Ebert is the owner of Catriona’s Castle Hands-On Children’s Theatre and has been an approved performer for MCPS since 1988. Karen is also a drama teacher at BlackRock Center for the Arts.  Winter session begins January 17, 2018.  For information, call Karen Ebert at 301-602-9877, email or view the flyer.

SHINING KIDS YOGA (Grades K-5, after school on Thursdays, starting 1/18). Yoga is an ancient healing practice known to calm the body, mind, and emotions. In this playful yoga class designed especially for elementary aged-children, children will learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises which cultivate a calm mind, increase strength and flexibility, improve gross and fine motor skills, improve concentration, and give children the tools to manage stress in their daily lives. Games, stories, and music will be incorporated into this fun, non-competitive class. Children should bring their own yoga mat to class. For more information or if you have questions please view the flyer or contact Registration is now open at and there is an early-bird discount available ($10 off) if parents register by 12/25/17.

PAINT CLUB (K-5, afterschool). Build confidence in creativity! All paint supplies will be provided. Easels, canvases, paints & brushes. Snack is provided as well (with consideration of allergies). See how painting can bring your imagination to life! Kids will learn about color and how to make it work for them. We will have paintings every week. Some with instruction, and some to develop their own ideas with the techniques they learn. Kids are more likely to be engaged when the work is related to personal interests. Classes start right afterschool and go until 5pm. Contact Melissa Tritto or view flyer.  Winter session flyer.

PANDA PROGRAMMER (Grades K-5, after school on Fridays, starting 9/22) Program! Learn Computer Science!! Children ages 8 and up ARE old enough to learn computer programming. And with our new K through Grade 2 curriculum we are teaching students as young as 5! The staff at Panda Programmer teaches kids the joy of coding computers by helping them program their own customized animations and computer games. Our students have a blast, while we guide them and help them learn graphics, control structures, all within a solid event-based model of computer programming. Panda Programmer provides a multi-disciplinary approach in teaching computer programming skills to children. We utilize mathematics, logics, teamwork, problem solving skills, and creativity to help children learn coding. Once introduced to computer programming, our students pursue it with incredible enthusiasm. “Instead of just PLAYING video games, have your kids DESIGN and PROGRAM them!” You can sign up for our classes by going to our website at

KAIZEN KARATE  (K-5, 3:30-4:30 Mondays after school, starting 12/11) Presented by Kaizen Karate. Students learn the basic levels of martial arts while participating in a fun, exciting atmosphere. Class is tailored to student’s individual needs and helps them grow to their fullest potential possible. Karate classes not only focus on instruction, but also learning valuable lessons related to discipline, motivation, self-control, and continual improvement. To register, please visit:

FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary Schools) (grades K-5, after school) The earlier they start, the easier it is for children to learn a foreign language. Spanish and Chinese classes will be at Dufief this winter – classes start mid-January. Registration for Big Learning Foreign Language (FLES programs) is now open at this link: Contact Big Learning at 301-592-0861 for more information or view the flyer. Additional questions?  Please contact Ann-Marie Luciano.

GIRLS ON THE RUN (grades 3-5 mornings only) is a unique before school program for 3rd through 5th grade girls designed to promote healthy habits and an active lifestyle. The 10-week program combines training for a 5k (3.1 mile) running race with education and interactive discussions about critical issues that will affect pre-teen girls as they reach adolescence. Trained coaches teach life lessons to girls through fun and clever running games and workouts. For more information, contact Cathy Williams at To Register for Girls on the Run, and for more information go to

DRAGONS ON THE RUN (all grades, mornings only). Dragons on the Run is a before school running program. It is open to all grades, K-2 will need an adult ‘buddy’ to participate alongside them. For more information, contact James Noon at To Register for Dragons on the Run or for more information, see the Dragons on the Run Flyer. Please also complete the Family Waiver.

CHESS CLUB (Grades K-5, afterschool) Class is open to students of all levels – beginners learn how to play chess, while more experienced students work on improving their strategy. A portion of each class is devoted to instruction and a portion to play (students are matched with those of similar ability). Students participate in chess and team chess tournaments during the second part of this session. For more information, contact Nataliya Podlesny at  See flyer.

C3 CYBER CLUB (Grades 1-5, Wednesdays 2/7-3/14, after school – price now lowered to $119 per class) In Minecraft Modding, students will learn how to create their own custom game-play items and elements using MCreator and Minecraft. They will design their own custom blocks, items, food, biomes, and more! Looking for a fun way to introduce your child to programming? Why not do it using a game they love! For more information or if you have questions please contact or register online at Please also see the flyer.

ZUMBA (K-5, 8:00-8:55am on Tuesdays in the gym, starting 9/26) Parents love it because it’s active, fun, and for the effects it has on kids increasing their focus and self-confidence. Free trial class on 9/19 at 8:00am! Please contact the instructor, Kathya Perez at 954-257-1983 or at by 9/11 to register. $120 for twelve 1-hour sessions. The flyer also contains additional information.

YOUNG REMBRANDTS (K-5, 3:40-4:40 Fridays after school, starting 1/12) Young Rembrandts introduces students to a fascinating world of color, pattern, and design. Artists will draw all new lessons this winter: pop art dog, art history, and a powerful unicorn are just a few of the drawings they’ll learn and love. Good color selection and proper technique will be emphasized in all of the lessons. Enroll online at or mail in the flyer.

MAD SCIENCE SECRET AGENT LAB (Grades 1-5, after school on Thursdays, starting 2/1/18)  Calling all agents, calling all agents! The Mad Science Spy Academy is in session!  Students will explore the science of forensics, fingerprints, and secret codes.  For more information, please view the flyer or contact  Registration is now open at – please sign up by 1/18 to reserve your child’s space!